We Inhale Vapes set out to create a healthier alternative for the Vape industry. Unlike the synthetic ingredients in most flavoured e-liquids and the addictive, toxic nicotine vapes we wanted to create a 100% natural safer alternative that still provided the user with a calming sensation. We kicked off our range with Inhale Calm which is a vitamin B12 and calming herbal tea vape for soothing the body and mind. The combination of lavender, passionflower, chamomile, peppermint, eucalyptus and jasmine, leaves the body feeling relaxed and grounded, and the mind clear and present. Vitamin B12 is proven to help with preventing fatigue, regulating mood and energy production.

We then launched a women's general wellbeing vape called Vape Babe which comprises of vitamin B12, B6, chaste tree berry, rose flower and lemon balm. Vape Babe is specifically formulated to help support womens general wellbeing, energy production, hormone balance and mood regulation. Vitamin B12 helps to promote natural energy production, regulates mood and prevents fatigue. Vitamin B6 is used to help balance hormones: lessening symptoms of PMS, healthy brain function and can help support nausea. Rose flower is a natural stress buster, aids in digestion and weight loss, maintains a healthy immune system. Chaste tree berry helps with mood swings and period related irritability. Lemon balm helps promote a sense of calm and relaxes the body. 

We're now about to release our Clean energy which has a combination of guarana, ginseng and vitamin B12. Instead of giving you that caffeine spike with a massive comedown, it provides the user with an inner energy, more so coming in waves that put you in the zone, leaving you feeling very centered.



Head to the science tab to find out more information about Inhale Vape's formulas. 

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