Inhale Energy - Green Apple (sold out)

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Due to a print issue it says Peppermint flavour instead of Green Apple flavour. So we're offering these at $20.99. Green apple is delicious!

Inhale Energy contains a pure blend of natural energy boosting herbs.  Inhale Energy produces a natural wave of energy from within, leaving you feeling more alert, centred and focused. If you're feeling fatigued take 5-10 deep inhales holding the breath, then slowly exhale and you will feel a warming feeling come over your body.

Recommended dose is 5-10 breaths per day. 
200 breaths in total.
Each vaporiser is pre-filled with our proprietary e-liquid and contains a chamber that holds a fully charged battery. The battery only runs out when the liquid is empty. All you need to do it take off the rubber cap and breathe in from the end with two air holes.
Consult your doctor before use. If you have any allergies please get advice before use. We make no claims to heal or prevent any medical condition.