VapeBabe - Balance - Watermelon
VapeBabe - Balance - Watermelon
VapeBabe - Balance - Watermelon
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VapeBabe - Balance - Watermelon

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VapeBabe is specifically formulated to help support womens general wellbeing, energy production, hormone balance and mood regulation. Vitamin B12 helps to promote natural energy production, regulates mood and prevents fatigue. Vitamin B6 is used to help balance hormones: lessening symptoms of PMS, healthy brain function and can help support nausea. Rose flower is a natural stress buster, aids in digestion and weight loss, maintains a healthy immune system. Chaste tree berry helps with mood swings and period related irritability. Lemon balm helps promote a sense of calm and relaxes the body.


Vitamin B12 10mg

Vitamin B6 10mg

Rose flower 150mg

Chaste tree berry 150mg

Lemon balm 150mg


May help support:

Energy production

Prevent fatigue

Mood regulation


Healthy brain function


Balance hormones


Dosage: Recommended dose is 5-10 breaths per day. 200+ breaths in total.

Direction: Vape Babe is ready to be used straight out of the box. It is pre-filled with our proprietary e-liquid. Each vaporiser comprises a chamber that holds a fully charged battery. The battery only runs out when the  e-liquid cartridge is empty. There are 150+ breaths in each vaporiser. All you need to do is take the rubber end off each end and breathe in the white end with two holes. 

Caution: Consult your doctor before use. If you have any allergies please get advise before use. We make no claims to heal or prevent any medical condition.


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